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We're glad to announce the release of Quantum revShare tube. Quantum revShare tube is a ridiculously simply PHP script using MySQL for data-storage to establish your own revenue-sharing site.

Like the other sites, this script is bit different. Quantum revShare tube combines the essence of revenue-sharing model with YouTube advertising. While, you offer an opportunity for your users to promote their YouTube videos on your site, they can also earn legitimate cash while doing so.

The script's base is robust and simple and straightforward and works on the principle of: the more you purchase, the more you earn! With this script, you can establish your very own YouTube revenue-sharing site. People will be able to advertise their videos and get paid for watching videos. The script also contains extra feature of account upgrades like Premium Account to make sure that your users earn more (and ofcourse you you too!) and buy direct referrals.


  • The script is quite lite-weight.
  • The script allows you to restrict the number of videos an user shall receive in a day.
  • The script uses level groups from level 0 to level 9.
  • The script has the ability to distribute the ads accordingly with the levels. Like, level 0 may receive 1.8% of the sales, while the other groups may receive either bigger or smaller. This can be configured in the settings file present along the script.
  • You can easily set the cost, reward credits and exposure views for campaigns.
  • The script uses 3 cronjobs. One must be run daily, while the second one must be executed every 30 minutes and the third one every hour.
  • The script is fully protected against bots and uses Google ReCaptcha NOCAPTCHA for login, register and while watching the video to offer a bullet-proof protection against the misdemeanors.
  • The script also offers the ability to detect users who have multiple accounts.
  • Along with that, the script also offers the ability to buy a premium account and direct referrals. Premium accounts have increase earnings, increased referral earnings.
  • The script uses a single configuration file from which 100% of the configuration is done.
  • The videos can also be recycled.
  • The script supports: PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin.
  • Furthermore, in order to make sure that the users make the most out of the site. The script also contains the addon of SuperRewards. SuperRewards is a highly active offerwall that can enhance the site's growth and earnings.


The demo details are: 


User: admin

Password: password


Also already said before, please remember that the script uses a single file for configuration. You may not find any type of configuration in the admin panel demo.


Script by Areeb




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