16 October 2015: I've published a better revenue-sharing script, that's 10X times better than this script and contains more features and runs better. Check out RevenueRindle!

Notice: The script is fully secure and is updated every month to introduce new features and fix bugs (if they exist). I received some threats to shut-down the script, please don't pay attention to the attempts to defame the script. The script is built from scratch and fully protected against security threats. Version 0.4 has been released. Hello there! I've been working on a better version of my Paidverts clone script since few days. Finally, I believe that it's ready to fire up. qVerts is a simple, lite-weight PHP script that would allow you to setup your Paidverts clone running in few minutes. The features are listed below:
  • Lite-weight.
  • Stay in control by modifying the ad-rates (found in core files).
  • Control the maximum number of ads each user should get daily.
  • Set cost, number and reward each campaign should offer.
  • Modules: ClixWall, RevenueWall, BalanceFlipper and API. Each can be enabled and disabled.
  • One daily cron job.
  • Uses Google ReCaptcha NOCAPTCHA as a captcha system for ads and login/register.
  • Buy Referrals option to earn the max. out of it.
  • Sell account upgrades as per monthly basis to increase revenues.
  • Set a custom timer for ad-visiting time.
  • Give huge bonuses to upgraded users. Like, increased earnings, increased ref. earnings.
  • Recycled earnings.
  • 5 Payment Processors: PayPal, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and Payza. Cool enough, right?
Following features were introduced in v2 upgrade:
  • Referral Contest
  • Flash Ads
  • Banner Bidding system
The newer version 3 saw the introduction of following:
  • Bulk Ads
  • Login Ads
  • Fixed Flash Ads
  • Fixed Value Ads
Version 4 now includes:
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Directory Advertising
  • Bug-fixes


API, when enabled, allows your users to interact with the site but from outside the site. For example, users can get their ad-details, account details from outside the website. Nonetheless, they can also interact with ads from outside the website. An ad is loaded, and once clicked properly; a call-back is issued to the user along with an auth. handle set by them. This allows them to make most of their websites and be different from others. qVerts is fast, secure, robust and flexible, and includes support for 5 major payment processors including PayPal, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and Payza. You can sell upgrades and referrals to users and earn more out of your website. The script includes a small guide which guides the buyer to use the script and make the most out of it. Version 0.4 released. The script now includes support for: YouTube Advertising, Traffic Directory Advertising and some bug-fixes. DEMO: http://areebmajeed.me/projects/qVerts/


Buying the script is ridiculously easy, after all, buying things doesn't need rocket science. The cost of the script is $59.00. I bet that's cheap! The script includes rights to remove the footer link and contains the full version of the script along with free updates and upgrades. What else do you need?




Script by Areeb




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