We're pretty much glad to announce the release of AriFaucet - a PHP-based Bitcoin faucet script.The script is very different from our previous script Quantum Faucet which was released earlier this year. Our Bitcoin faucet script is fully-featured, contains 3 simple games, a strong anti-bot system and an effective method to catch multiple accounts.Bitcoin faucet script

The script further contains instant payouts (payouts right when user clicks Withdraw button), and mass-payouts (auto-pay everyone with one click). The script contains one of the strongest anti-bot and multiple account system in the industry.

The script is also highly optimized, contains clean and secure code, along with a decent admin panel. The script is easy-to-use, fast and fully-featured, and with multiple features. Our Bitcoin faucet script is vested with bullet-proof security, and uses CoinBase API for payments.

The script also contains a referral system to help your faucet grow beyond borders easily, a news system to keep your users informed about the site and its affairs, and games to help you to generate your impressions and win more. The script is also built on Bootstrap, so expecting a brilliant UI won't be a mistake.

The three games in the faucet are:

1. Coin-Flipper
2. Grid-Game
3. Guess the Number

The script further contains a chat-box so that your users can communicate effectively, generating more impressions and interaction, and user engagement. The script also contains a Contact form so that your users can stay in contact with you.

In order to generate more and more impressions, the script also contains a forum. Forums further allow you to interact with your users in an effective way, and generate more ad impressions to increase your faucet earnings.

You can easily maintain the site with our fully-featured admin panel which contains ability to change settings, manage accounts, perform withdrawals and other necessary functions.


  1. Robust, flexible, secure and easy to use.
  2. High performance, beautiful code, and efficient.
  3. Contains News system.
  4. Contains Gaming system.
  5. Contains Contact form.
  6. Login/Register based website.
  7. ReCaptcha and SolveMedia captcha to break bots.
  8. Secure anti-bot system.
  9. Bans bots and multiple accounts in seconds (automatically).
  10. Profiling system.
  11. Chating system.
  12. Uses CoinBase for payments.
  13. Includes forums to generate more impressions.


The demo login for the site are:

URL: http://areebmajeed.me/projects/btcFaucet/

User: super

Password: password

The admin login details are hidden for public to avoid trolls. If you wish to take a look at admin panel, please contact us.

AriFaucet is your best choice for starting your own simple, fully-featured, secure Bitcoin faucet. It's not only a Bitcoin faucet script, but also a Swiss Army Knife. Every month, we add more features to keep it one of the strongest Bitcoin faucet script on the web. You can also ask us to make addons for your faucet at an additional cost.

Want a custom Bitcoin faucet script? No worries, hit us at Skype areeb1233 or email [email protected].



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