qSurfer is a new autosurfer script in the market that enables you to start your own autosurfing site in no time. If you aren't aware about autosurfer, then lemme explain it to you: Autosurfing sites are those sites where you exchange traffic at no costs. You visit others' websites while they visit yours. That's how, it works!

qSurfer allows you to setup your own autosurfing ready-to-market website in 10 minutes. Autosurfing websites have a great demand in the market as people are constantly looking to improve their traffic, statistics and rankings. While, some earn credits by surfing, others purchase them.

qSurfer is a script with rich features to start your site in no time and get loads of users adding their sites and using the traffic exchange system. qSurfer uses credits system to distribute the views to the user sites. You can further manage account memberships, enable/disable earnings module, add forums, and manage tickets submitted to the support center, etc. and much more.

The script features a fully-fledged admin panel where you can easily configure all the site-related settings. Moreover, the script also contains banner and login ads. They are helpful to the admin to increase their earnings with no extra efforts.

The script is quite cheap costing only $59 for a life-time license and provides tons of features. The script got a friendly interface for both end user and the administrator. The script comes packaged with few pages like How it Works, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The script got no encryption, you can easily modify all the code present in the script. Furthermore, the script comes with a default Bootstrap theme enabling the script to work on mobile phones too!

You can different kinds of memberships, advertising packages, and decide the share rates and much more. Backup and optimize the database in one click and much more. Use EVAL to execute PHP and MySQL code directly from admin panel and use other tons of other great features.

The script also contains forums and support center. Have a great community for your users and control support messages in a more systematic and better method rather than the conventional method of contact forms.

The script is stable, profitable and effective for the community and is provided at a cheap rate of $59 only.


URL: http://areebmajeed.me/projects/qsurfer/
User: admin
Password: password

Backend (Some features have been disabled for security purposes):
URL: http://areebmajeed.me/projects/qsurfer/admin
User/Email: [email protected]
Password: areeb


1. Robust, powerful and ridiculously good!
2. Make and remove account memberships with ease.
3. Look at the sites, user created advertisements and much more.
4. Uses SolveMedia as captcha to increase site revenue.
5. Robust security.
6. Multiple payment processors including PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and CratePay.
7. Forums and Support Center.
8. We provide great support for the script.


Script by Areeb




  • Robust Support
  • Free Installation
  • Free Support
  • Free Updates & Upgrades